Profits, Pandemics, People: How Did Jesus View Business & Economics?

Join us on September 15 at 12:00 p.m. EST for a free virtual lunch and learn webinar as we talk with special guest speaker Jerry Bowyer about what Jesus thought and taught about the role of economics and business in the Kingdom of God.

Jerry is an economist, theologian and author most recently of The Maker Versus the Takers.  In this webinar we’ll delve into the story of how Jesus interacted with, talked about and understood business, economics and power during his earthly ministry.

You don’t want to miss this webinar where we’ll tackle some perennial questions about Jesus’ view of economics. Plus, we’ll consider how Jesus’ upbringing in a small business family shaped his outlook on the role of business and profits during his public ministry.

Of course, we’ll take your questions and discuss how business owners and entrepreneurs can apply the wisdom of Jesus today.

Sign up today to reserve your spot for this free event.

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