Ronald Blue Trust

Wisdom for Wealth. For Life.

Ronald Blue Trust is the main sponsor of the Business on Purpose Conference.  Our goal in this conference is to encourage and equip Christian business owners, entrepreneurs and business leaders to excel in their business pursuits so that God is glorified and his Kingdom is expanded.

Every organization has a What, a How, and a Why. Our What is wealth management and trust services. Our How is through experienced financial advisors building relationships and applying tools such as proprietary financial planning software, investment vehicles, and estate planning strategies. But it’s our Why that sets us apart from other wealth management and trust companies. Why is what motivates us to get out of bed in the morning – it’s our reason, cause, and purpose for what we do.

We are not simply a financial planning, investment management, trust services, or estate planning company. We believe we do all of those things with excellence, but essentially seek to help our clients gain clarity and confidence around their finances. And we firmly believe that when our clients live with clarity and confidence about money – without conflict, anxiety, or fear – their lives are richer and more fulfilling. They can envision and act on their Why.

The vision of helping people seek and live their Why was one of the cornerstones on which Ron Blue established Ronald Blue & Co. in 1979. Ron felt challenged and called to help people become better stewards of their wealth and have a better relationship with money by using not just technical expertise, but biblical principles as well. Ronald Blue Trust clients have come to us, and stay with us, because they are attracted to our uncommon approach to wealth management. Read more about how we integrate biblical principles into financial planning for individuals and businesses.