Peter Greer

Peter Greer

President & CEO, HOPE International

Peter Greer is President and CEO of HOPE International, a global Christ-centered microenterprise development organization serving throughout Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe.

Prior to joining HOPE, Peter worked internationally as a microfinance advisor in Cambodia and Zimbabwe, and served as managing director of Urwego Bank in Rwanda.

He is a graduate of Messiah College and Harvard University’s Kennedy School.

Peter is an award-winning author and speaker, and has a passion to see the Church engage in effective missions and economic development.

As an advocate for the Church’s role in missions and alleviating extreme poverty, Peter has been a speaker at a number of conferences, and he has been featured by Christianity TodayWorldForbes, CNN, and RELEVANT.

He has written The Poor Will Be Glad (with Phil Smith, 2009), The Spiritual Danger of Doing Good (with Anna Haggard, 2013), Mission Drift (with Chris Horst, 2014 and selected as a 2015 Book Award Winner from Christianity Today), Entrepreneurship for Human Flourishing (with Chris Horst, 2014), Watching Seeds Grow (with his son, Keith, 2014), The Giver and the Gift (with David Weekley, 2015), 40/40 Vision (with Greg Lafferty, 2015) Created to Flourish (with Phil Smith, 2016), The Board and the CEO (with David Weekley, 2017) and Rooting for Rivals (with Chris Horst, 2018).

Currently, Peter serves as the entrepreneur-in-residence at Messiah College and as a Praxis Venture Partner.

More important than his occupation is his role as husband to Laurel and dad to Keith, Lilianna, and Myles.

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