The Sage: Tapping Into Wisdom For Your Business

Hunt Valley Church - The Point

You need wisdom.  Your business needs wisdom. 

In this breakout session Russ Crosson talks about the role that an experienced and wise colleague or counselor can play in helping your business to flourish and stay focused.

Russ will talk about how during his decades of work at Ronald Blue Trust and Ronald Blue & Co. he learned to listen to, seek out and depend on the counsel of older and more experienced business people within the firm.  These wise counselors, or sages, have played an integral role in making good decisions, navigating crises and guiding the business through change.

Join Russ as he explains how he has sought to intentionally cultivate the role of the sage to provide wise advice to the leadership of a growing business.  You can’t afford to go it alone.  Russ will show us why we need to hear from and learn from the wisdom and experience of those who’ve gone ahead of us.

Plenary Session