The First Five Years: Lessons from the Start-Up World

Hunt Valley Church - The Point

Most start up businesses fail.  If you are a new business or about to start a new business, what do you need to know to avoid becoming a statistic?

Join us for a panel discussion with entrepreneurs from many different business sectors who are passionate about wise risk-taking and growing successful start-ups.

Our panelists will invite you into the ups and downs of starting from scratch, building teams, failing, starting over and enduring all the tests and trials of being a start-up entrepreneur.

They don’t have all the answers, but this group of business owners have the humility and experience to know that biblical wisdom isn’t just about having the right answers, but knowing where to get the answers.

Buckle up for a fast-paced breakout session where we’ll learn from seasoned entrepreneurs who will keep our eyes focused on the ultimate goal of successful start-up leadership: honoring our Creator and the original Master of the start up.

Breakout Session