Russ Crosson: Is Your Business Adrift?

Hunt Valley Church - The Point

Avoiding The Deadly Perils of Mission Drift

What makes successful business thrive for 100 years or even longer?  Is it charismatic leaders?  Is it amazing products?  Great employees?  Not quite.

Russ Crosson argues from his decades of experience in business leadership that guarding your company’s mission is the key to your long term success.  Organizations that either whither away or lose their direction are almost always companies that forgot their mission.

If you don’t take steps today to carefully articulate and intentionally cultivate your business’s mission you can be sure that your business will one day go off the rails.

Do you care about the longevity of your company and the story that your business tells?  In this plenary session Russ will draw on his years of executive experience at the helm of Ronald Blue Trust to explain why your mission matters, how to protect it and inculcate it in your company culture–even if you currently are the only employee!

Plenary Session