Resilient Leadership

If we learned anything from the year and a half of COVID, it’s that resilience matters: resilient businesses, resilient leadership, resilient people.

God designed us to be resilient, to be creative in the face of crisis and steady in the midst of upheaval. When we persevere through trials, we reflect the mark of the Maker, bring him glory, and even win in the marketplace.

Ken Kinard will introduce the Resilient Leadership framework, a model for how to win in the face of constant disruption. Based on years of trials and success by David Ridley, founding CEO of Invesco Real Estate, the framework contains three pillars: securely centered leadership, extreme team engagement, and elite client experience. Together these biblically-based pillars form the platform for customer success and company success, which Ken has seen first hand at his creative agency.

In this session, Ken will discuss changes you can make and attitudes you can adopt to make sure your business is ready for the next crisis and the next opportunity.

Breakout Session