Pitfalls and Opportunities in Your Company’s Financials: 5 Lessons

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Don’t neglect your finances!

You own a business.  You clearly know a thing or two about your industry and how to make money.  But do you have a plan for the careful financial stewardship of your company?  Being a wise steward of your business requires intentionally managing your finances and taxes.

Join David Hogan and Ellen Lucciola for a breakout session in which they will discuss the pitfalls and opportunities that confront most business owners in the area of managing their company finances and taxes.  Ellen and David will draw on their decades of experience serving as accountants and financial consultants to businesses of all sizes–from large corporates to entrepreneurs just getting started.

Your firm’s mission deserves your full attention, but your attention will always be divided if your business financials are a dumpster fire.  David and Ellen will cover the top  5 areas in which you should be engaging your trusted advisors to help you manage your business and stay focused on your mission.

Attend this breakout session so you can get back to running your business and achieving your mission by knowing the right questions to ask and the right people to ask about your taxes and your financial plan.

Breakout Session