Leadership: Rooted in Community

Hunt Valley Church - The Point

Your business’s success depends on your community.

Enterprise and leadership are designed for, rooted in, and nourished by community. Without “true” community, business and its leaders warp God’s good intentions and injure themselves and those who they are supposed to serve. When properly rooted in relationship with the community they serve, businesses, its leaders thrive.

For Christian business owners, the question is: are you standing alone and independent, or are you cultivating a close community for yourself as a leader and for your business?  No matter your answer, the results will speak for themselves: isolation, stagnation, low reserves or connection, growth, and surplus.

In this breakout session Mike Boyes will use his decades of experience coaching leaders to demonstrate what kind community helps business leaders to flourish.  You will learn not only how your community shapes you as a person, but how your community shapes your company–for both good and bad.

Join Mike as he guides us through a hands-out exploration of the relationship between your business and community.

Breakout Session