Becoming self-aware and others-aware: Biblical tools for productive relationships

Hunt Valley Church - The Point

Many business owners are too busy keeping their business humming to pay much attention to how God has uniquely designed and gifted them to lead and build relationships.  As a result, they toil without true success and without bearing much good fruit.

In this session Michael Crawford will explain how to use an innovative tool called the Quadrascope to resolve conflict, build relationships and understand others.  This tool is designed to help you take a biblical approach to the four biggest influences on relationships.  By understanding these influences, you can better respond to each of the influences – in yourself and in others.

Michael is on a mission to help leaders like you gain greater insight into how God has specifically designed you and your employees.  He wants more people to acknowledge that sin, human frailty and brokenness can each distort God’s design. 

Michael is an experienced coach and certified enneagram practitioner with a pastor’s heart who is passionate about helping leaders become more self-aware and others-aware because he knows that this leads to greater effectiveness and greater Kingdom impact.

Join us for a hands-on breakout session where we will explore the how to lead with biblical self-awareness and others-awareness and help you grow in leading from your strengths.

Breakout Session