Why listening is a business growth strategy with Natalie Mangrum

Business On Purpose Conversations
Business On Purpose Conversations
Why listening is a business growth strategy with Natalie Mangrum

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Entrepreneurs know how to solve the world’s problems, right?

Natalie Mangrum, founder and CEO of Maryland Teacher Tutors, talks with us about how listening to the perspective of others has given her the insights she needed to solve problems and grow her business.  We discuss how seeking wisdom from God, other business owners, and brothers and sisters in Christ helps to bring clarity to decision-making while also cultivating patience and purpose in your business.  Listen to the end for our discussion of social media and hear how deciding who to listen to and where to seek wisdom are just as important as the act of listening itself.

Conversation highlights:

–“I can ask God for wisdom, but I also need to pursue it.”

–How do you cultivate a desire for input from those who have valuable perspective and wisdom?

–Going slow helps you to listen and find the right people to hear from.

–Part of wisdom is learning which voices to exclude from your decision-making process and being careful about which voices have influence in your business and your life.

–Be reflective about the purpose of your business and evaluate whether those you are listening to are affirming that purpose.

–Every Christian business has essentially the same mission.  True or false?

–Do you lack wisdom?  Ask God for it.  (James 1:5-8) “Then I wait, because I know it’s coming.”

–When your prayers for wisdom or specifically regarding your business are answered, how do you handle the reality that God is at work through you and your businesses?

–Don’t pretend to know what God is doing through your business if you don’t have clarity about it.  Let God work and focus on being patient in waiting and listening.

–Your business is for your joy.  How is that true?

–Acknowledging your limitations equips you to wisely seek the input of others. “I am very shocked and concerned that there are people who think they have all the answers…but I am very aware that I don’t.”

–When is a coffee table a bench?

–Why Natalie (a social media pro) eliminated social media as a source of influence in her life.

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