Solving the Remote Work Puzzle with Rick DeJarnette

Business On Purpose Conversations
Business On Purpose Conversations
Solving the Remote Work Puzzle with Rick DeJarnette


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Is remote work here to stay?  Will it make your company and your employees more effective or less effective?  Rick DeJarnette, executive coach and executive in residence at the University of Richmond, joins us to provide a framework for how Christian business owners and entrepreneurs can think about remote vs. hybrid vs. on-site work.

Listen to the end to hear Rick’s top lessons for Christian entrepreneurs from the world of mountaineering.

Conversation highlights:

-The debate over remote work is a debate about a “complex” problem, not a “complicated” problem, which means trying to get to the one “right” answer may be the wrong way forward for your company.

-Sometimes solving problems requires more wisdom than expertise.  With “complex” problems “it is less about finding the right answer it’s about trying to get to a best answer.”

-Succeeding in decision-making involves discerning what sort of issue you have and what sort of environment you are working within.

-What is the role of humility in business decision-making?  “You need to surrender the hubris of knowing everything and believing that you can determine the outcome.”

-You have to be humble in environments filled with uncertainty (which is most environments!).

-Are you able to distinguish between productivity and efficiency in your business and how you evaluate remote work?  What is the relationship between hours worked and output in your business?

-You can’t make a good decision about what metrics related to remote work matter for your business if you don’t also have an iron grip on the mission of your business.

-“We have a responsibly and duty to create.”  But the tension enters in when we are tempted to do so with hubris.  Sometimes we don’t have all the knowledge, the perspective or the wisdom needed to nicely solve the problems we face.   COVID realities present us with a once in a lifetime opportunity to step back and acknowledge just how little control we have.

-Don’t miss Rick’s top lessons for confronting COVID-related business disruptions from his mountaineering experiences.

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