Pete Scazzero: Grow Yourself Before You Grow Your Business

Business On Purpose Conversations
Business On Purpose Conversations
Pete Scazzero: Grow Yourself Before You Grow Your Business

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Best-selling author Pete Scazzero joins us to talk about the epidemic of shallow discipleship and what it means for Christian business owners.  It might not be what you think it is.

We talk about growing your business while embracing limitations, slowing down and avoiding “success-ism.”  If you want your business to reflect the ways of Jesus, listen in as Pete shares biblical wisdom and draws from his life’s experience, his failures and his successes.

Pete is the founder, along with his wife Geri, of Emotionally Healthy Discipleship.   We talk about his most recent book, Emotionally Healthy Discipleship.


Conversation highlights:

-What is “shallow discipleship” and why does it matter?  Why should Christians who own business care about emotionally healthy discipleship?

-Embracing limits and slowing down are at the core of healthy discipleship, two very difficult matters for people who own and lead businesses.

-Two paths towards following Christ in an emotionally healthy way: Crisis vs. mentorship.  Which will you choose?

-“Good mentors are hard to find.”  Pete talks about identifying mentors and understanding the types of mentors and disciplers you might need in your life.  Get more than one!

-Do you reflect the broader culture, or do you reflect freedom as a follower Christ?

-If you aren’t emotionally healthy as a Christian, you will struggle to have a healthy business, healthy leadership and healthy relationships.

–“My first invitation to business owners is to slow it down.”  Invest in “being.”  “You cast a shadow or you cast light to everyone around you.”

–God is the first worker, so we are created to work.  But are you working from a place of peace in Christ, or out of anxiety, striving and panic?

–Jesus had a lot to do in 3 years.  But he worked from a place of peace.  “I have finished the work you gave me to do.” (John 17:4)

–You probably didn’t get into business to rest.  But you still need it.  “You were created for a rhythm in life.”  Do you make a priority of resting, or of a 24-hour period of actual rest and replenishment?

“If all you do is work, you are a slave…Free people rest.”

–Success is the world’s universal religion.  God has a different definition of success, and you can easily succeed by the world’s metrics but fail by God’s measurement.

–Joyful, productive people are a gift to those around them.

Don’t miss Pete’s free advice.  “This is better than hiring a strategic planner for a day.”

–The Bible has a theology of limitations.  Some limitations should be received and some should be broken through.  Emotionally healthy disciples can discern between the two types of limitations.

How and why Pete intentionally decided not to grow his organization?  “What is your best contribution and gifting?”


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