Neal Rice on Taking Risks & Fighting Worry

Business On Purpose Conversations
Business On Purpose Conversations
Neal Rice on Taking Risks & Fighting Worry


Risk-taking is inherent to business.  But with risk often comes worry, or even paralysis.  Our guest, Neal Rice, is a business attorney and entrepreneur who talks with us about how Christian business owners (and potential business owners) can draw on biblical truth to think clearly about risk-taking and the worry that often accompanies it.  We talk about how fear and worry can keep even good business ideas from seeing the light of day, or worse, achieving their potential for Kingdom impact.  Then we delve into how Christians can hold onto the truth about who God is and how He’s made us to prudently take risks.

Conversation Highlights:

–Are you passionate about starting a new business or taking some new risks in your current business but haven’t taken any steps to pursue this?  Why not? Fear of failure keeps many from taking risks.  This fear is often financial, but sometimes it’s simply fear of how we might be perceived by others if our idea doesn’t succeed.

–Question: do you want your fears about real risks to snuff out your best ideas?

–Prudence requires understanding risks and taking steps to improve them.  It also means contextualizing risks within the scope of God’s Kingdom and sovereign rule.  (Matthew 16:25)

–How does risk-taking interact with the potential for God-honoring business impact?  Do you believe that your business or business idea can have Kingdom impact/purpose?  If not, you can expect that your risk analysis lacks perspective.

–If you are uncertain whether or not your business idea is any good, start by asking the question, “what is the potential Kingdom impact or Kingdom purpose of this idea or this risk I want to take?”

— “Worry is a natural human condition.”  The path to success is almost never a straight line.  You will suffer setbacks and experience trials in business.  It’s normal.

–How can we have joy (and peace) when we experience business setbacks or simply when we are tempted to worry about the inherent risks of pursuing a business idea? (James 1)

–Battlefield lessons for business owners: What’s the most dangerous course of action?

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