Michael Crawford on Being Prepared

Business On Purpose Conversations
Business On Purpose Conversations
Michael Crawford on Being Prepared


Michael Crawford returns to the podcast to reflect on the role of preparedness for Christian business owners, or really anyone who follows Christ. We discuss how the story of Joseph shows this, but even more importantly, how God’s plan of salvation is a grace-filled model for Christian preparedness.  Whether your business was prepared for the COVID-19 pandemic, or not, this conversation about a grace-based approach to preparing for the unknown is for you.

Conversation Highlights:

-Some people are predisposed to being prepared, others aren’t. But life doesn’t go well if you aren’t prepared.

-Preparedness is a biblical theme.

-What does it look like to have storehouses (like Joseph filled for Pharaoh) that are more than just financial?  What is the state of your spiritual, emotional, physical storehouses?

-In what areas of your life have you been redlining, that have been exposed by stress or crisis?

-What should a Christian do if if she or he has prepared well, but others haven’t?  Look at the example of Joseph and how he treated his brothers (who had betrayed him and sold him into slavery).

-Reflect on the reason for abundance.  Why has God entrusted some people with more than they need?

-What is the role of preparedness in the Gospel message?

-Every Christian is a beneficiary of God’s preparedness expressed in Christ.  How can God’s people model this to the world?

-Reflecting the outrageous generosity of the gospel, the abundant preparedness of Christ, motivates God’s children to open up the storehouse and share with others.

-Reminder: There are enough resources in the world to do God’s will.

Mike is the Founder of the Subversive Institute and State Director of Mission at the BCMD.

The Subversive Institute: https://thesubversiveinstitute.org/

Follow Mike on Twitter: https://twitter.com/edward1758


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