Michael Crawford on Audacious Leadership, Conviction and Creativity (Lessons from Joseph)

Business On Purpose Conversations
Business On Purpose Conversations
Michael Crawford on Audacious Leadership, Conviction and Creativity (Lessons from Joseph)

The story of Joseph’s life revolves around things not going as planned. In this conversation, Michael Crawford explores what business owners can learn from the life of Joseph, especially as they  navigate crisis and unplanned situations.  Michael encourages business owners to get out of the box and discern how God might be calling you to transform your business.

We talk conviction, audacious leadership, creativity in upheaval and more in this Business On Purpose conversation.

Mike is State Director of Mission at the BCMD and Founder of The Subversive Institute.


We have all the resources we need to do God’s will today.

There are no accidents in life.

There is a reason you have your business in these days. Our duty is to discover why.

Sometimes our current resources dry up, but God always has another well. Usually this comes though community with others.

“What if collectively as business owners, we are Joseph?”

Joseph knew how to stick with a difficult decision that he was convinced was the right decision.

Audaciousness, the ability do the right thing, despite evidence to the contrary.

Creativity comes from God. “Christians get locked in our box.” Time to get out of the box.

Is God about to use your business in a new way?

Learn more about Mike: 

The Subversive Institute: https://thesubversiveinstitute.org/

Follow Mike on Twitter: https://twitter.com/edward1758

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