The Local Church as Business Partner, with Adam Muhtaseb and Dan Mackett

Business On Purpose Conversations
Business On Purpose Conversations
The Local Church as Business Partner, with Adam Muhtaseb and Dan Mackett

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Startup businesses are risky and prone to failure.  Church planting is difficult, costly and time-consuming.  What might happen when you combine the two?  Our guests on this episode—Dan Mackett, the founder of Redemption Collective and Adam Muhtaseb, the pastor of Redemption City Church—join us to talk about just that.  We dig into how new businesses and new churches can partner in a way that effectively utilizes commercial real estate and increases the likelihood of success of both kinds of startups: church plants and new businesses.

Could the local church be your next business partner?

Conversation Highlights:

–Imagine kicking off a potential partnership between a church plant and business start-up by finding a dead person on the doorstep of the property.

–Realizing the need for a strategy for optimizing commercial real estate to make urban church planting more sustainable long term.

–The goal is running Kingdom-oriented business Monday-Saturday, in order to support the ministry of the local church.

–“Evangelism is doing ordinary things with gospel intentionality.”  The local business-local church partnership enables many natural opportunities for evangelism.

–Decisions that might feel like sacrifices to a typical church are calculated risks taken to enable growth.

–This partnership illustrates how Christian business owners use their unique gifting in business may be their primary means of serving and equipping their local church.

–Combining a vision of successful businesses that also enable church plants in cities to stay afloat in their communities.

–How do you not take advantage of lower-income residents of a city neighborhood when creating a church-business partnership?

–Pursuing the goal of more flourishing for people in neighborhoods where the businesses and churches will be located.

–What kind of people are a good fit for leading a church planting/new business partnership?

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