Ken Kinard on ways businesses have responded to COVID-19

Business On Purpose Conversations
Business On Purpose Conversations
Ken Kinard on ways businesses have responded to COVID-19

Ken Kinard, founder and CEO at Accent Interactive, talks about how your view of a crisis will always shape how you respond to that crisis.  A global pandemic is no exception.  Whether you are just “riding it out” or are preparing for a “new era” stems from how you view this crisis and how it is impacting your specific business.  This means that the clarity (or lack thereof) of your perspective on this crisis has significant implications for your business.

Conversation Highlights:

-Your view on the duration of the crisis and the final outcome (back to normal vs new era) will inform your planning, whether or not you realize it.

-Four main types of perspectives:

  1. This will be short-term, and we’ll get back to normal.
  2. This will be long-lasting, but things will mostly go back to normal
  3. This will be short-term, and we’ll be living in a new era.
  4. This will be a long-lasting crisis and will usher in a new era.

-Depending on your industry or the nature of your business you may see the validity of any of these four perspectives.

-Don’t let an emergency go to waste.  Set time aside to be creative.

-Creativity thrives in circumstances where there is a need and no known solution, and when we give undistracted time and space to pursuing solutions.

-What was “common sense” before a crisis may no longer be common sense after the crisis.  For instance, woman in the workforce before and after World War II.  Are you looking for areas where the current “common sense” may no longer apply in 3 months or 3 years?

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