Jesus’s recruitment strategy: risk-taking entrepreneurs (with Jerry Bowyer)

Business On Purpose Conversations
Business On Purpose Conversations
Jesus's recruitment strategy: risk-taking entrepreneurs (with Jerry Bowyer)

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Jesus had a “disproportionate recruitment strategy” of calling entrepreneurs who were frontier risk-takers pursuing economic opportunity.  What do these facts say about how Jesus viewed businesspeople and entrepreneurs during his earthly ministry?  Jerry Bowyer, economist and author of “The Maker Versus the Takers,” joins us to discuss why the details embedded in the Gospels about where Jesus ministered, who he associated with and how he spoke with them informs us about his view of business and economics.

Jerry is one of the keynote speakers at the October 28 Business On Purpose conference and in this episode we give you a sneak preview his conference talk.  (Register here)

Conversation highlights:

-On biblical context: Historical and geographic details from the gospels matter “because they are in the Bible,” which almost every Christian says, but doesn’t always act on.

-What should we know about first century Galilee and its “frontier” culture, and how does that give us insight into Jesus’ affection for entrepreneurs?

-Clues about an entrepreneurial culture that emerge from the plague of malaria in Galilee.

-Jesus had a “disproportionate recruitment strategy” of calling entrepreneurs (owners, rather than laborers) from the frontier, who were pursuing economic opportunity that entailed significant risk.

-The fisherman Jesus called were very likely not “subsistence” fishermen.  They were running fishing businesses.  (15:00)

-When Jesus is looking for people he thinks he can work with, he gravitates toward entrepreneurs. (16:15)  What does this mean for 21st century business owners?

-How to grapple with extra-biblical sources and better understand and love the Bible even when you aren’t an expert in these non-Bible sources.  A quick overview from Church history and even a plug from Jerry for learning biblical languages!

-For some people, “a lack of theological education might actually be an advantage” for growing in understanding of the Bible.  (22:45)

-We want to know the real, historical Jesus, as revealed in the Bible’s gospel accounts.  (28:30)

-The story of the rich young ruler and Jesus hints at the economic dynamics of Jesus time and how the ruling class exploited (defrauded) the people.  (Mark 10:17-27)

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