How Did Jesus View Business & Economics?

Business On Purpose Conversations
Business On Purpose Conversations
How Did Jesus View Business & Economics?


Did you miss our September webinar with economist and author Jerry Bowyer?  It’s now available for replay.

In our conversation we dug into why we should pay attention to the time and place in which Jesus did some of his most well-known teaching on business and economics.  We considered Jesus’s sophisticated business case studies (He called them parables), talked about how God thinks about entrepreneurs and much, much more.

Listen in and you will be challenged to revisit and reflect on the teachings of Jesus about wealth, business and economics.

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Conversation highlights:

-Pay close attention to details in the gospel accounts of Jesus ministry.  Who was he talking to?  What town or region did the events take place?  Who else was present?

-Are you a business owner?  Here’s Jerry’s encouragement to you from this webinar:  “You are mimicking most of Jesus’s life by being an entrepreneur. Most of the time Jesus spent on earth, was in entrepreneurship.”

-“The state grows in the gaps left behind by the church.”

-Christian business owners and entrepreneurs are one of God’s the main solutions to many of the problems facing society.  Not simply the church or the state.

-Want to dig into Jerry’s reference to Issachar and Zebulun?  Listen to the podcast we recorded on this topic earlier this year.

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