Great Leaders Replace Themselves, with Russ Crosson

Business On Purpose Conversations
Business On Purpose Conversations
Great Leaders Replace Themselves, with Russ Crosson

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What Makes a Leader Great?  Russ Crosson explains how the best leaders—we’re looking at you business owners—are focused on the mission of the company and how to replace themselves so that the mission is carried out for years to come.

Russ is the Chief Mission Officer and Executive Vice President of Ronald Blue Trust and the author of several books, including What Makes a Leader Great.  His 40 years of experience as a CEO, business owner and advisor to countless business owners have helped him understand that being a great leader of your business is more than just a matter of keeping the company profitable—it is about understanding your stewardship responsibility and embracing an ethic of Christ-like leadership.  Lots of wisdom from Russ’s decades of experience here, so don’t miss out on any of this conversation!

Conversation highlights:

–Why do you exist as a leader?

–We explore what Russ learned about leadership and succession planning from working with countless business owners.

–The performance trap illustrates how highly competent and productive leaders can fail the basic tests of leadership.  Competence is table stakes but growing in “influence” is even more important.

–“He who cares for his master is honored.” (Proverbs 27:18)

–Great leaders embrace their role as a caretaker.

–Great leaders don’t kill the messenger or ignore a message that they don’t enjoy hearing.  Often the employees with the most passion for the company mission will be the ones who will raise issues that confront company leadership.

–Russ explains about how experienced business owners can transition into the role of a sage to make room for the next generation of leaders while still providing tremendous value to the organization.

–Most successful leadership transitions are internal.  Hiring, coaching and investing in up-and-coming leaders paves the way for a multigenerational business.

–Family business have unique leadership and succession planning concerns.  Russ unpacks the key truth about leadership transition for family businesses who want to thrive over multiple generations.

–Got a family business?  Communicate with your family about your business wealth now or someone else (your attorney) will do it in your absence when you are dead.

–Russ talks about when growing your business poses a risk to your spiritual health.  Every business owner needs to have a plan for generosity around their business.  What does wise leadership and stewardship of business growth look like?

–Not currently a leader in the business?  Russ tells us how to be a good follower, which is a prerequisite of becoming a good leader.

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