Conflict, Lawsuits, The Bible & Your Business with Hunter Brown and Michael Crawford

Business On Purpose Conversations
Business On Purpose Conversations
Conflict, Lawsuits, The Bible & Your Business with Hunter Brown and Michael Crawford

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Get ready for some applied theology.  This episode features two theological guests, Hunter Brown and Michael Crawford, who help us explore Paul’s warnings in I Corinthians 6 about lawsuits between Christians and how those warnings apply to business owners.  Importantly, this is much more than a discussion about lawsuits.  It’s an also encouragement about how God has equipped the church to bless business owners through righteousness and justice.  Listen in to hear how this truth applies to your business context and what tools and truth God has given you to justly resolve disagreements and conflicts—and offer you perspective when justice isn’t readily apparent.


Conversation highlights:

–Where do you want to have your arguments or resolve your conflicts?  Inside the church or inside the courts?

–“The church is equipped to deal with disputes.  The church is the perfect place to settle arguments and disputes.  We can fight and we can resolve to God’s glory.”

–The Corinthians were giving the church “a missional blackeye.”  When Christians publicly fail to resolve a conflict we’re “exposing our inability to execute righteousness before the world.”

–Why is the church so uniquely positioned to navigate righteousness and justice?

–Don’t be thrown off by “why not rather be defrauded?” in this text.  That’s not the first or even necessarily the last option.

-Paul’s argument is: It’s better to suffer wrong, than to imply that Christ’s church can’t mediate conflict and achieve justice.

–One of the blessings of the church?  “You have a better court.”

–What if you are a business owner and you are thinking, “I’m going to get more justice in the court than in my church?”  We tackle this issue head on.

–The ecclesiological implications of I Corinthians 6.

–Does this text apply if you have a business dispute with a Christian who is outside your local church?

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