Ronald Blue Trust is a nationwide trust company dedicated to the application of biblical wisdom and technical expertise to help clients make wise financial decisions. Our goal is that more clients experience clarity and confidence so that they can leave a lasting legacy that honors God.


We serve people across the wealth spectrum, from business owners who need custom consulting to individuals who need everyday financial advice, to multi-generational families who require complex family office services.


Our Maryland office, located in Hunt Valley, is the main sponsor of the Business On Purpose conference. We started this conference in 2018 in order to help more Christian business owners embrace their unique calling in the marketplace and to help them grow in their understanding of God’s purposes for business. Aaron Groen, one of our Maryland-based advisors, spearheads our efforts around the Business On Purpose conference and is also the host of the Business On Purpose Conversations podcast.


The Ronald Blue Trust Maryland team is dedicated to helping every client, including Christian business owners, develop a stewardship mindset and achieve greater peace of mind with both personal and business finances. We know from our decades of experience that a stewardship mindset fosters peace of mind, which can lead to financial clarity and achievement of God-given life goals.


If you want to talk about faithful stewardship of your business or about integrating your company finances with your personal finances and life goals, get in touch. We’d love to talk.

Call us at 410-891-2900. Or get in touch via email.


Hunt Valley Church is a conference partner and is the host site for Business On Purpose 2021. The conference will take place at Hunt Valley Church’s satellite location, The Point, which is located at 10950 Gilroy Rd, Suite C, Hunt Valley, MD 21031.


Hunt Valley Church is a church that is contemporary … creative … caring … and credible for those who are seeking answers to life’s questions. It exists to help people find meaning and joy in the midst of life’s inevitable trials and difficulties. People here are struggling with—and overcoming—the very same things you are. That is because they have found a new kind of life in connection with God made possible by Jesus Christ.

CBMC exists to point marketplace men to Christ, allowing the gospel to transform them into marketplace ambassadors. As men seek to live lives of significance, CBMC stands ready to share the hope of the gospel and provide effective tools necessary for spiritual growth.

CBMC offers a variety of state-of-the-art leadership resources, materials, opportunities for connection, one-on-one mentoring, and discipleship. Leadership coaching and training through CBMC accelerates professionals toward business goals and personal growth in a gospel-centered approach. Communities of purpose-minded men encourage one another through authentic relationships built on the foundation of Christ. Join a dynamic network of believing brothers who are integrating work and faith while doing business God’s way. Contact us today to get connected!