New Breakout Breakfast Announced: Is Your Business Healthy? Tools to Assess Enterprise Vitality

How do you know if your business is healthy?

Clint Park, one of the Business On Purpose keynote speakers and an expert on business health from Ronald Blue Trust’s Business Consulting Services department, will be hosting a free Breakout Breakfast for Business On Purpose attendees on October 9 at 7:30 a.m.

In advance of this Breakout Breakfast, Clint will share Ronald Blue Trust’s proprietary “Business Health Assessment” tool with participants.  All participants who complete this brief survey tool and attend the Breakout Breakfast session with Clint will get direct feedback on their personal results.

During the session on October 9, Clint will walk participants through the assessment process and help them interpret their results in light of wisdom from Scripture.

The Business Health Assessment will give participants new insights into the strength of their business in key areas of business health including:

–Business Leadership;

–Wise Decision-Making;

–Intentional Stewardship of People, Finances and Business Equity;

–Execution of a Business Legacy Plan.

Join us on October 9 as Clint shares from his years of experience guiding Christian business owners through the life-cycle of God-honoring business ownership.  Clint will help attendees identify their businesses’ current strengths and any areas that may be ripe for growth and improvement.

Early bird registration is open now.

Click here to register for this Breakout Breakfast session. 

This session will be held at the Ronald Blue Trust offices in Hunt Valley on October 9 at 7:30 a.m.:

Ronald Blue Trust
225 International Circle
Hunt Valley, MD

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