Webinar: Keeping Your Team Engaged in a Volatile World

On October 15 we hosted a virtual lunch and learn webinar conversation with Chris Allen and Michael Boyes about Keeping Your Team Engaged in a Volatile World.

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For a while now business leaders have known what it is like to operate amidst VUCA – volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity – but 2020 has amplified these conditions beyond anyone’s experience. With essential team members working remotely while dealing with new domestic challenges, leaders need to know how to help them stay engaged and productive.  This is a real challenge for leaders, especially because they are facing the same trials as everyone else.

Chris and Mike:

    -Shared insights for keeping team members engaged, motivated and productive;

    -Discussed wisdom for business based on scripture, social science research and their work with business leaders;

    -Revealed how current conditions disrupt God’s plan for work;

    -Answered how to restore healthy mindsets, relationships and productivity to your workplace.

Chris Allen is a Senior Business Consulting Advisor with Ronald Blue Trust, serving business owners through determining purpose, enhancing value and preserving legacy,  and Michael Boyes is the President of Credo Consulting, a firm dedicated to Renewing People, Purpose, and Productivity in the Workplace.  (11025892-09-20)

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